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Ginny Marie

I think I left a comment on your illegal post about your spiffy new vacuum, but I have NO IDEA what I wrote!

Here some comment love, anyway! ;)


what a funny post

ליסינג פרטי

Nice LG products here. I like it all and which are all useful in our routine life. Thanks for sharing this products with us.

Andi - Rent Carpet Cleaners

Whoa! I would love to have a vacuum like that too!


Today I can truly appreciate the quiet of a vcauum cleaner. Ours had reached the end of its life, and it sounded similar to a jet engine (you know, that high pitched sound). Horrible.Well, today we got a new vcauum. So not only can I appreciate it for the reasons you expressed, but now I am also rejoicing that it is ONLY as loud as a vcauum cleaner should be! And that is a good thing! :)


Yeah, I like the first one. I think the delicate ineritor squiggles and the chunky, bold delineating lines contrast each other really well, compounded by the their value contrasts, making them really pop out. Something about their shapes, their twisted and angular depiction, even the setting, remind me of carved Tiki gods, like in that Brady Bunch episode. Yeah, the squiggles remind me of the texture of lava rock. The lower image ends up seeming a little too puffy and marshmallowy in comparison.


HOLY BELLS am I ever jealous! I have even hinted in my PR page I want someone to send me a vacuum. Here is a toast to that good fortune!

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