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Carla Carter

Hi Gretchen,

My name is Carla Carter. I am a Grammy Winning Songwriter and the creator and founder of Songwriters Institute, a music education program in Los Angeles, CA.

Songwriters Institute is a program dedicated to young artists interested in entertainment and performing arts. This program exists to empower and develop young students who are young entertainers, musicians, creative storytellers and entrepreneurs... or aspire to be. I am contacting you because I am certain you have a community of talented young creatives who may benefit greatly from my services.

I not only teach basic music theory and songwriting, I leverage my network to help develop artists and cultivate music careers. In 2015, I directed a regional music program for the Microsoft Store in Century City, California and also teamed up with Los Angeles Unified School District to teach music production to students in the district. I am in my second year of instruction at a popular music college and I also teach virtual private lessons to young artists all over the country.

Lessons are offered in-person or online and focus on teaching the process of creating original melodies, chords and lyrics. The student-teacher ratio is 5:1 assuring students get quality attention and the support they need to reach their highest creative potential. I offer 1-on-1 sessions (Diamond Mentorship Program) as well. Each week, students perform practical exercises and write lyrics that help to strengthen their vocal, compositional and songwriting skills. Students create original works, and learn to record and vocally produce their own sound. All exercises are designed to broaden skills and add individuality and color to composition. No prior experience is necessary for Level 1, as I teach basic technique and music theory.

I would love to work with young entertainers you feel may benefit or have interest in this program. I am happy to extend a Free Introductory Class to all young entertainers referred by your blog

You can learn more about Songwriters Institute by visiting the website and contact me by email
or by phone 323-834-8680

I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you,
~Carla Carter
Songwriters Institute

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