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Oh no!!
I'm glad to hear Jimmy is going to be fine. He is one lucky man.

Ginny Marie

Holy crap! I'm so glad Jimmy is okay. That's a God moment if I ever heard one! I immediately thought about the connection between speech and being an actor!


Wow Gretchen I was so surprised to read this! I hope that Grace doesn't know? I am so happy that he is doing better and you were there to help him!

Lynn Hornsby

Wow! Glad to hear Jimmy's on the mend. Thank God it played out like it did, and that you were there to get him emergent help! What a scare that must have been. And praise to your village, too. for jumping in and taking care of things for y'all. Looking forward to seeing your commercial. Take care.

A.J. Cattapan

Wow! Glad to hear he's doing okay. Last year was my year for grown-up problems. My mom fell in the church parking lot on Palm Sunday last year. She got banged up pretty bad (busted kneecap, bloody face), ended up in rehab, got a horrible infection, and broke her back (possibly in multiple places). Meanwhile, I was trying to help my dad find the best rehab spot for Mom that would have him in a nearby senior living center. Long story short, Mom got worse and worse and passed away in August. Watching your Mom die and trying to care for your father are definitely grown-up problems. And they stink! But somehow, with a lot of grace from God, we survive.

Andrea @ maybe it's just me

Oh my gosh! What an amazing relief that you were there, paying attention and close to that siren!

Judy Ring

So, so glad Jimmy is OK. What a scare for all of you! And the lovely friends who swooped in to cover while you had work OOT? I'm pretty sure those were blessings you had cast on waters for years, coming back to bless you!


Holy Cow!! So glad he is doing well and you have such great friends close by to lend a helping hand. Funny both my kids now in their 20's decided it's not fun having grown up responsibilities...oh just wait! Give Jimmy my best!


Praise God! And Praise You for recognizing the problem. And all the medical staff. Sending you hugs and good wishes. Thanks for sharing with the blog folks that care about you!

And the bluebonnets are blooming in Austin : )

Rachel Brewson

Glad he's doing okay now! Can't wait to see your commercial :)

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