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I never have cornbread stuffing so I don't know anything about putting eggs in it, but I love eggs so it sounds like a good idea to me!


A yawn sort of Thanksgiving would be fine with my family. My mom went blind in one eye last year on Thanksgiving. She was visiting my older sister in Oklahoma. Mom had to be rushed back to Dallas on Saturday for emergency eye work. She never regained her sight before she died in January. This year, my oldest sister's son, 59 yrs. old, died the day before Thanksgiving. He had been in ICU for almost a month awaiting a transplant that did not happen. So we are ready for a yawn type of Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to the seven fishes meal, btw.

Katherine M

So glad the marinated shrimp was a hit. All went well and surprisingly smooth on Thanksgiving. The weather was beautiful so we weren't all stuck inside. Glad everything was a success for you. Oh, and no eggs in our cornbread stuffing.


Having been one of the lucky ones to attend this lovely meal, I would like to chime in and say this dinner was elegant, warm and wonderful. The food was yummy (and sophisticated) and the company was the best. The four "tweeny" children got along and didn't require much of their adults (always a blessing). There was no drama, no angst and I am grateful. What more could anyone want? Save the fireworks for the 4th of July! Thank you, thank you, Gretchen!

Ginny Marie

My mother-in-law's stuffing recipe includes an egg, but it's the regular bread stuffing, and it's delicious! I think the egg does make it a little more sticky. I have also made Pioneer Woman's mac and cheese recipe which includes an egg, and that's the first time I've even seen an egg in a mac and cheese recipe!

I was going to comment earlier in the week, but I got caught up in a family drama while reading. :( Uneventful is good, and I'm so glad you had a visit from Aunt Grace!

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