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Shelly Martischewsky

if I had but one wish, it would be for a every other week house cleaner.


Oh, my. Help.... Only for about 3 months once upon a time. Austin has not totally washed away with all the rain. No longer in drought conditions. Otherwise, all is as okay as it can be with Republicans in charge of the state : /

Ginny Marie

Rosa sounds wonderful! I've never had a housekeeper. When I was growing up, my mom actually did keep the house very clean and I have failed miserably to keep up with her standards!


I would like a housekeeper but just for the kitchen. Only the kitchen. I think it needs a team of people though. (Part of me always says no, because I don't want a stranger touching my stuff and what kind of person can't keep her own moderate-sized house clean? The other part of me slaps that part and says shut up, the dishes are done.)

Elizabeth Aquino

I love how you wrote this.


I haven't had anyone come clean for me since 2004 but I've been thinking that it is time to engage someone soon. Now, where to find one in our tiny town.


My Mom is the cleanest person I know...76 years old still dusts & vacuums every Friday...the whole house and there is never a dirty dish in the sink. Sadly I didn't learn this from her but at 51 I feel I am so much better than I once was at keeping my house clean.

The Bug

My mother cleaned houses for a living - she was really good at it & she could earn a lot of money in a short period of time. Sometimes I'd go with her & roam around a home listlessly dusting. Which is also what I do now in my own home. I hate to dust. My big dream was to grow up & live near my mother so I could hire her to clean my house. Ha!

One fun memory is the time she visited me in Zambia (I was there for a year and a half) & cleaned out our refrigerator.

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