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Oh, it is SO hard to come back! I think I've been gone a year

I want to hear it all! How's the family? Have you started planning the turkey day feast? Any more luging? Lugeing? Loozhing?


Welcome back! I prefer to say that I am busy wine-ing (shut up autocorrect).


Yes fill us in so much time has passed...welcome back!!

The Bug

Oh yay! So glad to see you here!!!

Ginny Marie

Hurray, you're back! I've missed your stories. :)


Welcome home. Missed you.

Sharon, The Mayor

Welcome back! We missed your humor and acting updates!

A.J. Cattapan

Welcome back! My blogging has been minimal at best, too. Something about a book coming out, another one being contracted, and a doctorate program being started.

Your purging actually sounds like it would be very therapeutic for me right now. Maybe over Christmas break I can follow your lead.

Blog again and tell us what's been up. We miss your stories!

Elizabeth Aquino

I really feel like I'm in control of you because I swear to God that I was JUST wondering what was up with you and where the heck your funny posts were and how much I miss you. And here you are. So this comment is basically about me and my power.

Welcome back. Keep at it. Be overwhelmed with the rest of us.

Andrea @ maybe it's just me

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondered if I had somehow been missing posts. It is so hard to come back, but I am glad you did and happy you have taken charge!

Judy Ring

Yay! Gretchen's back! How's Jude and Jimmy and Mommy? How's your book? What are you cooking? Do you get bored visiting with your friends and sharing your day-to-day happenings? No? That's how we feel about you. You're our cyber friend and your blog is our visit with you and your family. So come see us when you have a little minute and don't worry about it being perfect. I'll put the coffee on and enjoy your 'company.'




Glad you are back! I was going to ask how Mommy was too....last we all heard from you wasn't too promising. Also would love to hear about the book.acting, etc. :)

This Busy Life

So glad you're back. Taking time to get your personal life under control is never time wasted. I bet it feels great to have everything organized.


I've be giving the idea of blogging some thought but my lazy bone hasn't quite gotten enough energy yet. I'm there with you in spirit for now.


I would stop by just to read your last post. Also, wondered how your book was progressing. How is Jimmy's Mom? Been missing your posts.


oh, I am so excited that you are back! The daily grind is just as interesting as insider gossip so please, please stay


I love your blog! I find that KNOWING you have to write something makes you more observant until an idea catches on.
Like once I saw a sad, disheveled Mom in Vons and started to wonder, then walking back to the car caught my reflection in the window and saw that I was NOT FAR OFF from "sad, disheveled Mom." So then I thought, "Was she thinking the same of me?"
Buck up, get it together, you're all you've got.

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