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A couple of thoughts...
1. I have always found female cats to be the best mousers.
2. I want to hear about Rosa!

Elizabeth Aquino

I'm with you on the rodent thing. Can't stand them. I probably wouldn't have even started humanely.

Shelly Martischewsky

well, I don't much like cats, but I like them better than mice. poor you. happy you are back!!


My husband is allergic to cats, so that's out. But last year I sure did want to borrow someone's. We had a tiny mouse (I know he probably wasn't alone, but we haven't seen him since he was, um, taken care of). We only saw him in the kitchen. I saw him exactly once. Gretchen. I still cannot go in the kitchen all willy nilly in the middle of the night. I can't. I won't. I turn on the light, then make some noise, walk back out. Then I get in and out all fast. It's been a year.


Oh I live on a farm...tell me about mice...we have a cat! I can't wait to hear about Rosa!!


We had an ant invasion all summer, but I'll take that over mice! Next time you patch a hole, put in some steel wool before you cover the hole. The varmints can't chew through it. Thanks for returning to blogging!

Judy Ring

PSA. The sticky traps don't work well, either. The rodent just ran all over with it stuck to its side. Call the pros from the get-go. #imnotcinderella

Ginny Marie

I keep a bottle of peppermint oil in my kitchen cabinet for this exact reason! Eek is right...but I can't even imagine how I would feel if we had rats! Gross!

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