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A.J. Cattapan

Well, I made it all the way to the end of your story! :)

My weekend was nothing like yours. I was sick, too, but not with food poisoning. Just a good, old-fashioned, lung-hacking cough and cold. The only time I left my house this weekend was to waddle across the street to pick up cold medicine and chicken soup. But maybe that's a good thing because my publisher decided to release my book early, so it went live on Amazon today! Yikes!

All this means that I've had two reasons to spend my day hiding under the bed covers.
1) because I'm still sick as a dog
2) because I fear what people will think when they open their little Kindle files and discover what I let my main character do in the first chapter

Hope you're feeling better! Glad your event went well.

Elizabeth Aquino

Oh, god. This was funny -- definitely one of your best. I am so sorry, most of all, for all that you endured -- but damn, you're funny. Jobetta should be your new name!


Oh my, hope you're feeling better now! I wonder if your body needed potassium after being so sick - causing back cramps? I love love Cambria. It wasn't too many years ago that in order to get phone reception, you had to walk out to the farthest point on the boardwalk. It was always funny to see several people at the same point, trying to talk on their phones.
Great post!


Sorry, Gretchen, but this is just too funny for sympathy! Hope everyone's back is better. Time to buy yourself a two wheel and a four wheel folding dolly. Man they are surely back savers for schlepping crap.

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