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The mug is a must-buy. Or not. But still!

Forget the ham. Bring a suitcase full of chocolate and churros. And try a layover in Seattle on the way home, rather than NYC. You know, just for a change...and so I can help you bring said chocolate and churros through customs. :D

Lynn Hornsby

oh my, I am laughing/full-on crying over the mug; best laugh I've had in a while, even the clip-art symbols, too much

The churros looked deliciosa too! Have fun!


Please bring home the bacon. . .
From the U.S. Customs webpage:

Parma, Iberian or Serrano hams - Call 301-851-3300 or toll-free at 877-770-5990. Only certain plants are certified exporters, and the hams must be accompanied by certificates and seals.

A.J. Cattapan

How awesome that you get this adventure! I'll be in Madrid for a few days this summer, so I appreciate the preview. :)

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