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I am SO excited for you guys. Go, Jude, go! FLY down that track!


Julianna and Isabella are chanting, "Go, Jude, Go!" Surely, he heard them from here, 'cause they are LOUD!!. PS, from me, "Go, Jude, Go!" and "Stay Calm, Gretchen, Stay Calm!"


I read the original post so kept reading. Congratulations for making the cut Jude. Congratulations Mom for staying out of the ditch ... so far so good. From one Texas gal to another, you can do the snow driving by doing exactly as you did. Slow take offs and slow stops. No sudden anything. Take it from one who had a few slips a few times in Missouri snow!


amazing achievement by Jude and even better by you for not driving into a ditch. Good luck to both of you (and so exciting to get blog posts from you again)


Exciting and totally understandable about driving in the snow. Hope all goes well for Jude!

A.J. Cattapan

How cool! What an amazing opportunity for Jude, and how cool that you're supportive! Go, Jude!

And yes, I did go back and read the original post. I missed the first time as I must've been off doing my "Eat, Pray, Love" thing when you posted.

Ginny Marie

What an adventure you two are having! I'm so glad you got the 4-wheel drive. I hate driving in the snow! I've been enjoying the luge videos on FB. :)

Elizabeth Aquino

Good Lord, woman! I don't know what's more harrowing -- driving in that kind of weather or anticipating Jude on the luge at the Olympics! In all seriousness, this sounds so exciting, and I can't wait to hear about it. Also, you look AMAZING.

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