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Ginny Marie

Oh, that boy of yours is too much! I just want to pinch those cheeks!

Thanks for catching us up. I've been looking for your Feast of the Seven Fishes post! I hope that it will be OUTSIDE of your head soon!


EXACTLY. I read your blog and I feel like I've had full conversations with you because I find out what's going on in your life and IN MY HEAD I am agreeing with you, or sharing a similar story about Target, or the kids, or school moms, etc.

And I don't always take the time to comment because I know you know I read your blog and so I know you know you're talking to me.


Oooooh, rosemary sea salt. That is something husband will like. Unfortunately I keep managing to kill my rosemary plants. HEB here I come. Great to read about the adventures of Gretchen, Jimmy and Jude. Looking forward to the seven fishes post! Happy New Year.


Merry Christmas, friend. I hope it was enjoyable. My oldest is at the age where she doesn't like to ask for much because she knows expenses now. I both like and absolutely hate it. (Mind conversations are my specialty.)

A.J. Cattapan

I tweet INSIDE MY HEAD all the time! And it's probably a good thing that I leave a lot of those tweets in my head. LOL! Some things don't need to be put out there.

So what exactly would you use rosemary sea salt in? Just any recipe that calls for both rosemary and salt? (I'm such a cooking dunce despite my Italian heritage.)

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