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Ginny Marie

I just got off the phone with my sister saying how tired she is, and then I read how tired you are...now I'm tired!

I love that quote from Bette Davis. My co-teacher and I have been comparing notes on menopause. Neither one of us it there yet, but we can feel it coming!


Age is a matter of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it does not matter. Tell that to my aching feet after standing on concrete floors to cook a meal.


Gretchen, my dear friend. Here's a dude's perspective:

I don't know what is going on in your personal space. But, I get regular reports from the battlefield vis-a-vis my wife. Trench warfare.

But, don't lump all men in the same boat. I would rather spend time with someone who knows that Journey was a band, rather than a younger cavewoman who thought it was a video game.

(Also, "derp" is a well-established Internet meme. Jude did not invent it. Sorry to burst your bubble. And, we all do derps. It's just not middle-aged women.)

I really shouldn't comment on anything else, because I am out of my sphere of expertise.


i feel your pain as well...but a a glass of champagne sounds like a good idea if only I can remember where it is and why I've walked into the kitchen 100 times....:)

Judy Ring

From a 65-year-old: POST menopause is easier. I promise. Once the hot flashes subside, (and they do) it gets easier. You still tire more quickly and you can't multi-task as readily. But a glass of champagne is the universal panacea. Drink it often and drink with joy. You'll be fine.

A.J. Cattapan

Those Bette Davis quotes are priceless! They do, however, make me a bit nervous about the years to come. This past year's been rough enough! I'm not sure I'm non-sissy enough to make it through middle age! LOL!


Turbo has been using Derp for the last six months. He even sent both nick and I a recorded text message of him singing a tune with derp as the only word. I here that work used almost as much as Dude. Turbo even explained the meaning as just about what you said it meant. Guess we are not as disconnected as I though we were here in the hinterlands :)
I have not quite hit the menopause--but it's staring me in the face, or lower, and I'm not excited about it.

Dave R

Hi Cuz- First time on your 'blog',(as if I really know what that means). Just wanted you to know that I've been following your tales kind of off and on when I have some free time at work. (Yes, technically I am working...) Your writing always gives me a chuckle and a lift in the middle of my slow time. You know, that period between lunch and 4 pm when your brain screams for a siesta but your boss won't let you take one. Your writing is full of gems that bear repeating to my wife when I get home. Maybe someday I'll actually show her how to get here instead of sounding like I have a secret relationship!
As an aside: my mom always loved the Sissy's quote, and now my dad says it too although he's not too sure where he heard it. Dementia sucks.

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