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Elizabeth Aquino

I've always loved Mommy --even her bitter, weird side. But that just takes the cake right there -- so wonderful. And it's all so true!

Ginny Marie

She is wonderful! And so is Jude. I love that he calls her! This is the sweetest thing I've read this week!

Sharon, The Mayor

What a sweet little boy. Just think in 20 years he will be calling you just to say hello.


You really are lucky to have such great in-laws. It's nice when family can be friends.

A.J. Cattapan

Mommy reminds me a lot of the Italian lady I stayed with for two weeks in Rome this summer.

And she's totally right--you've got a great kid if he voluntarily calls his grandparents on his own accord!


BMILE is truly kind to so fully appreciate Jude. And to tell you what a great job you are doing. And Jude for calling. That says a lot about the entire MIL DIL relationship you have fostered.Congrats and tootleoo from Texas.

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