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I have seen that commercial, but not so recently. I think the last time I saw it was on TNT while watching reruns of Castle. Kind of cool when I know one of the actors in the commercials...


Same here. I saw it a few times. I have a friend who was in a series of Ford commercials and I saw them just once before they disappeared. Funny how that works.


I was just thinking about you today and the meal of the seven fishes. I have not seen the commercial running on the Austin stations but I may have just missed it.

A.J. Cattapan

You look great in the commercial! I haven't seen it on TV, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Stacy Uncorked

I have seen that commercial! I thought you looked familiar... ;) We are cord cutters, so I can't tell you exactly when I've seen it, since we've been watching most of our favorite shows on Hulu+... I will keep an eye out, though, and write down which show it appears in even on Hulu, and what time of day (or night). :)

Way to go on your exercise routine! I need to pick up the pace...thanks for the motivation! ;)

A buck a box?! I would have stocked up, too - and that recipe looks yummy!

Great to have you join in again this week! I've missed you! :)

Sharon, the Mayor

I saw this on either CBS or ABC but it was cut up a bit different. The aired commercial was shorter and focused more on the pregnant couple and hospital run. Hope this helps.

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