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Ginny Marie

This is just oh-so-good! I think it's impossible to be happy all the time. It just won't happen! I tend to eat all the burnt pancakes, too. ;)


I sometimes forget that I need me time. It just gets lost in the shuffle of getting everyone else taken care of. I am a better, nicer, more patient person when I get some me time--out with girlfriends, or time to myself to take a bath and read. To bad I also come programmed with guilt when I do take that time for myself.
I like doing for my guys. And when they show appreciation it makes it all worth it. Little boy hugs are the best. Big boy hugs are pretty great too ;)

This Busy Life

Beautiful post!


Yes, it is what as mothers and wives that we want to do that brings joy. As your Mom wanted you to be so beautiful. She may not have even seen a coat really liked. And Jimmy would probably be happy letting you have the brownie, ice cream on the side with the salted caramel. Especially on your birthday. Glad you took time to join the spinning this week. Have a blessed week.

Madie Hodges

Hey! I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

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