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Every workout playlist I will ever make for the rest of my life will have "I Love to Hate You" by Erasure. It is just so fun, musically.

Run, Gretchen, run!


Honey you still look great to me! Did a three and half mile walk for autism last weekend and I gained a pound for every mile I walked! I ask you what's up with that?!

Ginny Marie

I'm so thrilled that you linked up this week! :) I also think you look great!

I just joined the gym down the street from me, and while I haven't been exercising as much as you, I've been going about 4 times a week. It's the first time I've ever belonged to a gym! My muffin top is still present, but I have hope it will shrink a little bit.


Good for you!!!!

This Busy Life

Good for you going back to the gym and hitting the road running. I always think it would be nice to run and thought this summer it would be fun to run along the boardwalk down by our beach (early in the morning before anyone is there of course). I made it down there to run exactly 0 times. Maybe next year!


I'm here through Ginny's site. And I've got to tell you how encouraging this is for me! Unlike you, I was never a gym rat. I really dislike exercising. But exactly like you, my body is spreading and I HATE it! Thank you for the honesty and the encouragement to try something and make it fun.

Sharon, The Mayor

I love to run with music. Forget podcasts and the radio. My favorite is to download running music from rockmyrun.com. Energy Girl and Girl Power are my favorite mixes.

Welcome back to running.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Great job Ginny! I totally get it! I have been fighting middle age spread and it stinks. Keep at it!


I don't like running, but I have a friend and we walk together. AND she challenged me to a buns, thighs and abs 30 day work out. I am on day 7 now. It's going well and I'm doing something which is the whole point right?

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