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Ginny Marie

I totally have felt like that, and it's hard enough to clean up your own child's vomit, much less someone else's child's vomit. I'm sure his mother feels horrible! I'm just crossing my fingers that the rest of your household stays healthy. Even with perspective, you deserve that cabin with wifi and Netflix! Although a foot rub sounds nice, too. :)


I feel ya. Nothing so outrageous in my life but I am constantly overwhelmed. I can't even muster the time to blog. Which I adore but just can't do it.

Sharon, The Mayor

Ewww, another kids vomit. You get extra mom points in my book. Cash in the points for a spay day in a remote resort far away from sick kids and demanding family members.

I hope you and the rest of your family stay healthy.

Elizabeth Aquino

Oh, dear lord. Despite being the Elizabeth in question, I must say that your experience is NOT one that I'd prefer over mine. Honestly. It's all relative. Did you know that NONE of my children nor myself are vomiters? That means if someone vomits around here, I'd probably run screaming. I wouldn't know what to do.

Sending love to you. You're an excellent mother and wife. And damn hilarious, to boot.


Ok, so I think I'd take another kids vomit over a busted water heater and an in-laws heart attack. That was us a week and half ago. This last week was much better. WE have hot water again and the heart attack was relatively minor. Fun times, I tell you.

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