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I assume people have made the connection between 3rd boob woman and Total Recall; it was weird in that movie and it's weird now. Actually, just plain dumb. And yeah, Bones is totally comfort TV. I haven't much cared for the last few seasons but I watch it because it's familiar.


I'm so looking forward to Castle. It's become my guilty pleasure and Turbo likes it too.
We all watched Big Bang Theory last night--so fun!
I ahve no words for the 3rd boob woman. Well, maybe Total Recall? That is just...wrong on so many levels...


Until baseball season is over there is only MLB on our TV. sigh. The two I have are always in the way, why would anyone want a third unless they are planning for triplets. Oh, paleeeeaase.

Ginny Marie

I watched Madame Secretary last week and really liked it! And doesn't that Gracepoint picture remind you of the X-Files? I'm totally all over the David Tennant reason to watch, though!

Stacy Uncorked

You watch the same shows I do! I'm so happy the new fall season has finally arrived. I haven't yet gotten to watch Madame Secretary, but I saw an extended preview a couple of weeks ago, and it looks really good! :)

Apparently 3rd boob woman is a fake. Thank god for small favors. Just creeeeeeepy!!!!!!!!

So GREAT to have you back! You've been missed!!!!! :)

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