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Sorry your trip wasn't stellar. Parents aging is so hard to deal with. Finding the balance between respect and care is like dancing on hot coals. My mantra has been "no regrets". It has helped me when I haven't wanted to deal with things - physically or mentally. "No regrets".

On a somewhat related note - what did you end up getting mommy for her birthday? :-)


Aging parents are hard to deal with. I dread having my mom slow down and show her age. I do hope that Mommy follows through and sees her doctor.


Oh, Mommy. I do hope she talks to her doctor soon. Follow up with her (I know you will). That picture DESERVES a frame! My goodness. And school has resumed, yes? Camp Mama is back to Mama Enjoying the Silence?

Jan's Sushi Bar

Poor Mommy. I truly hope she goes to the doctor, and that he/she can allay her fears. She's just so beautiful; I hope I look that good if I reach 85.

Elizabeth Aquino

I am so sorry to hear this, Gretchen. I have loved hearing about Mommy, and it must be so distressing to experience her "not herself." I wonder whether she needs an antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug? Many elderly people have so little serotonin that they become depressed and anxious -- a real chemical imbalance. I know several very elderly people who have been helped tremendously by Prozac, even, at a small dose.


Gretchen, I want to give you and encouraging word. We have had some tough years with parents, declining health and my mom being well a bitch. What's more Mom was forgetting every one of our birthdays, no calls, no cards, nothing. This was so unlike her. But in just the last few weeks her voice has brightened, she remembered my sister and my husband on their birthdays. I have saved her voice mail singing Gene happy birthday. The only difference is she is not in pain as she was for several years and concentrated prayers. Mommy will be in my prayers.

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