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From a long islander wishing you and your family a great vacation. Enjoy your time on the Island --can't wait to read the stories...
do the tanning streaks wash off? That is a very funny story.
The rain and storm was freaky... I had no idea when I woke up, I did not hear the rain in the middle of the night, thankfully we didn't get flooded where we are and my ride to work was uneventful. :)


It's amazing the amount of water a trunk can hold. My mother had a leak in her trunk and man there can be a lot of water in there. I don't envy you the bailing, but at least Jude got to have his Pop time!

This Busy Life

Love your pictures! Looks like everyone is happy to be together. Hope Jimmy's tanning streaks wash off before school begins!

Ginny Marie

I read about all that rain and was hoping you weren't affected! Ugh, I hate flooding. We were in Detroit visiting my aunt and uncle once when the street flooded and a lot of water got into our car. We had to dry it out before we could go home!

And I can't tell you how much I love that picture of Jude and Jimmy! Have a great vacation! :)

A.J. Cattapan

Sounds like a great summer vacation, but what is Mommy doing to Jude in that one picture? It looks like she's checking for lice! LOL!


Love all the fun family photos. The jogger shirt must be one of Mommy's favorites as I have noticed it in a few posts. Great post as usual. And am giggling about Jimmy's non farmer tan lines!

Sharon, The Mayor

OH, poor Jimmy. I did the exact same thing right before Hubby's big summer meeting. My mistake, is also wearing a white dress.

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