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Ginny Marie

This is so funny and yet a little bit sad all at the same time! I know that if given a choice between me and their friends, my girls would choose their friends every time. It's only going to get worse, isn't it! *sigh*

Sharon, The Mayor

Oh, so funny, frustrating and sad all mixed-up. I do dream of days when my kids will leave me alone - but they are very young. He will come back and ask for pizza soon. Maybe a bit of ice cream also. Being a good parent who lets go is very tough.


They keep moving farther and farther away from us don't they? That is as it should be, but that does not mean it's a fun process for us. Where did the baby go?

Lynn Hornsby

this is great--bittersweet, but spot on! I just went thru leaving my only daughter for her first year of college, so I know the feeling, though for me it is multiplied...somewhat thankfully our good-bye was totally interrupted by my fall/spraining my ankle while walking her back to her dorm at the end: Giving her hugs and kisses from an ambulance stretcher is totally against what I had envisioned as "the good-bye moment"...cherish the moments you do have as you continue to let loose the rope a little more...

This Busy Life

Queen Gretchen I have been where you are and if I could I would give you a hug. I love the humor in your post but I know the pain in it too. You have done a good job parenting. Your son is a confident young man ready to spread his wings. You can be proud!


Wonderfully done, Gretchen. The time will come he will call and ask to take you and Jimmy out for dinner. He will show you photos of his trip with his children. He will give you hugs when you arrive and when you leave. And he'll pick up the tab.


What a beautiful spin. It does happen so very suddenly; they grow up before we are turned around to see it. He may be choosing his friends now, but he will always come back to you, Mama. That's my experience, anyway.

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