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my children are growing this is an amazing thing because before I know it they will be bigger than me.

so many other things oh my herb garden - glad to hear Jimmy is feeling better and getting take out- :)

Ginny Marie

Your fern is gorgeous! And Jude is just adorable, as usual! My girls have quite a tan going on, too, along with the golden highlights. :)


Wow just read the last two posts...what a summer you are having! Prayers answered!!

This Busy Life

Thank you for a touching and humourous read. I too have busy eyebrows and when the stress gets too much for me I retreat to games as well!

This Busy Life

Ooops that should have read bushy eyebrows, but I suppose in a sense if my eyebrows are bushy they are also busy! ;)


Zaid is growing. I both adore it and hate it. I'm sure you understand that pull and push of my baby! Big boy! My baby! Big boy!

Anyway, eyebrows! Mine used to be fairly nice but then a came upon a wax maniac. My regular person was unavailable and lo, I sat in a different person's chair. I have never returned. Neither has my eyebrows. Ugh. Sparse is the best way to describe THE ENDS. I can get right "long lost daughter of Abe Vigoda" at their beginnings and in the middle, but the ends? Nonexistent. And I've tried using a pencil. It just looks like...my eyebrows stopped and I tried to draw them in with a pencil. Womp.

Sharon, The Mayor

For years my eyebrows have been maintained in the car for two reasons. First, little kids can not find tweezers in the glove box (gotta love that) and second on really bad days escaping to the car in the garage is the only break when hubby travels.


One of my friend's mom kept a special mirror and tweezers in her purse just for auto-tweezing! JoAnna inherited the kit. It is ok to still be talking about Jimmy's sickness. It has been a defining moment for all three of you. Crap, I sound like an old person giving advice to a niece. Actually I did that just 2 weeks ago with my oldest niece that is 52 years old. Are you still going to BlogHer?


I'm a guy and world-famous for my eyebrows. But, I'm one of those slightly-ethnic-ly type of guys. Not a uni-brow, but just bushy.

Some people (and by that, I mean the Ladies...) find that attractive. I don't really notice or care.

But, if I might... Jude is wearing his bathing suit way too high. In five years, he'll be wearing his belt at his neck-line. And his tie down to his knees. Gretchen, you see this, right?

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