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I am a part of MOMS club here in SC. With my oldest we were so close! The other Moms I met that were older moms with first children we all became so close! They still are some of my best friends! We also got into trouble with the club for being to "clique-y". I can see how that happened because there were 5 of us that were in our late 30's and all first children and we started doing everything together...multiple days a week so when we showed up for the weekly official Playgroup we would probably be talking about other things we had done and sorta congregated together. Now with my youngest I try going to the play groups and since I had her at 40 this group doesn't seem to have any older moms. They all seem so young late 20s early 30s and care so much about their health and what they ate. I also know nothing can compete with that first group I was a part of...life changing to have that "support" aka "good friends going thru the same stuff".

Ginny Marie

That video is so cute! And Juliet's Stroller O'Wine was awesome! :)

My neighbor and I try to meet on her front porch to have some wine or a beer when our kids are playing together, but it doesn't happen as often as it should!


This is where being in a small town kind of stinks. I had such a hard time finding any other moms with babies when I had Turbo. I ended up going back to school and finding friends there. Now I have friends to hang out with but those early days of motherhood were lonely.


nothing like a god support group but more importantly a fun and loving support group

Janice Adcock

Some of my best friends are the mom's of my son's friends. Good times, good memories, wonderful post.

Sharon, The Mayor

When my oldest was 6 months I was desperate to find a normal moms group. Most of the other mom clubs around here were for members at the extreme. Think only liquids for the first two years of life to must wear your child until they are 6. Yikes. Then I finally found MOPS.org. Sadly, this is my last year since Revin Roger starts preschool.

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