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Wow sounds scary...so happy that your husband is doing well! Yes you had me choked up when you asked for prayers...they do work! :)

Jan's Sushi Bar

Holy shit, Gretchen! I can only imagine how frightening that must have been. I'm so glad that Jimmy's at home and on the mend.


Prayer and positive thoughts absolutely work! But I'm still giggling at the backup singers (we've discussed this before -- the handling, in our minds, of our own funeral proceedings. I admit right here that I've done this for my husband too. It's going to be lovely. I tell him he'd like it if he weren't, you know, the recipient of the loveliness). ANYWAY. I'm glad Jimmy's home. Is it weird (it's probably weird) that I'm imagining the voice I've assigned to Mommy (is it weird I'm calling your MIL Mommy? It's probably weird) saying she's gonna need more chocolate?


Poor poor you AND poor Jimmy! Damn I know you must still be a bit traumatized. Take it easy on yourself and rest along with him. xoxo

Elizabeth Aquino

I am so sorry to hear of this and so grateful that the worst is over. I agree that you must still feel rather traumatized -- be good to yourself!


Yes, scary shit. And anyone that has lived this trauma of almost losing our husbands know that is the proper word to describe it. Yes, prayer works, no doubt in this mind. Yes, you are traumatized and probably will wake up checking Jimmy in the middle of the night at times. Yes, people get kinda crazy about visiting people in the hospital. Helpful hint for future, throwing up usually clears the room. Seriously, thank God, Jimmy is on the mend, you reached out to friends and Jude has his Papa back home.

Ginny Marie

I'm so glad Jimmy's home! Just like Arnebya, I was thinking about Mommy and how she was handling it. And the power of prayer...it's amazing!


How scary! I'm so very glad that Jimmy is home and on the mend. You're a strong woman but I've got to ask... how did Mommy handle all of this?


So happy to hear that Jimmy is home
God bless you all!


So glad your husband is recovering, and home again. An experience like that can certainly alter the way you look at life. Last year my father spent 5 weeks in the hospital with pneumonia, almost dying several times. It is a horrible sickness! I wholeheartedly agree that prayer works! May the rest of your summer be more boring ( in the best way).

Sharon, The Mayor

Gretchen, How are you doing after all of this hospital drama? I am glad to hear the power of prayer truly showed its healing impact on your husband. I hope he continues to heal and returns back to his normal routine.

You can add me to your prayer circle anytime.

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