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Jan's Sushi Bar

The only thing I could think while reading this was "Thank goodness Gretchen drives a Prius" and "Man, her butt must be really sore..."

Good luck tomorrow!!


THe difference in the place you drive--you talk in both miles and time--we talk time, but cover vast distances in that time--three hours to Casper--mileage 230. Less than an hour to Cheyenne--45 miles. A trip to Denver to see the traffic (among other things) 2 hours and 127 miles--on a good traffic day.
I do appreciate you driving us around when we came to visit--it was a fun day that the boys still remember.

Elizabeth Aquino

I swear to God that I have a weird chronic pain up my left arm that I believe is from the positioning of my arm as I drive my three children around. Not to mention the state of my fanny.


This post is a great reminder to me to stop complaining about driving to the Taco Del Mar; that is 3 miles, 4 stop lights and 3 stop signs from my office.
I'm sorry you have to go through all that driving. Hopefully things will smooth out a little in the coming weeks. Congrats on the auditions!

Sharon, The Mayor

My blood pressure shot up just reading about your drives. Wow. I thought Chicago and Atlanta had some nasty traffic. We base everything on time. How long it takes via minutes, time of day, day of the week and if there is a festival. Sounds like LA traffic is bad all the time. Human teleports soon?

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