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Ginny Marie

Good for Jude! I had no idea his summer has been so demanding! He definitely deserves some time off, and maybe even another chocolate shake. ;)

I actually did get a blog post written for tomorrow, and we're heading for Yosemite in the morning. It was a blast meeting you and Jude! :)


Congrats to your son ...wow they put a lot of pressure on themselves my son was doing that as well during the school year. Thought he was failing and would get left back. we noticed the anxiousness and the disinterest in school and had him meet with the guidance counselor. It made him feel so much better and less anxious. Actually started putting more effort and his report he did very well.

He has summer reading but their summer reading is linked with history so they have to read a historical time piece and write a report - he started writing bullets about it on the weekend.

here is to the rest of the summer hope it is relaxing and great for all the kids.

Sharon, The Mayor

I never knew high school was so competitive. I thought it was a given based upon which school finances could afford. Hmm, maybe we need to rethink our plan in Crazyville.

Good for Jude. I wish him lots of fun sunshine for the rest of the summer.


Love how you were able to have an honest conversation with Jude. Those can be few and far between with parents and children. Congrats to Jude for the great work. And to you for putting your son's needs first.


And here summer school is for the kids who need extra help. Turbo has gone every other summer for the extra help since he was in second grade.
May the rest of the summer be very summer like!

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