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janice adcock

First, love the Camp Mama hat. Can hardly wait for the next installment. We are knee deep in Crowd Control this week. Two weeks with The Dad will keep the grandparents busy with a shuttle service for swim team practice, meal prep and general unsupervised fun with grandsons. Loving being close enough to do these fun things.


I love the Camp Mama posts. We have added doing the breakfast and lunch dishes before mom and dad come home to our young camper's chore list. He still has the ever loved dog poop pick up and room cleaning. Mom is not ready to have him do laundry quite yet.


No Camp Mama here since we are sans children. What we do have is Camp Reilly; where adult beverages are enjoyed as frequently as work schedules will allow, sitting on the patio with said beverage, and fitting in cleaning of the house, painting, playing the ukulele, laundry, etc.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Hooray for Camp Mama - I look forward to my vicarious attendance every year.

And, just for the record, Doing Your Own Laundry is a *very* appropriate activity for the over-10 crowd, as is Mowing The Lawn and Doing The Dishes After Dinner. Learning To Cook is a viable option, too.

Character building, I tell you.


Ahhh, Camp Mama. A timeless tradition that he'll talk about during his college years.

Sharon, The Mayor

Love it, love it. I need to adapt a Camp Mama to survive the rest of summer.

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