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Jan's Sushi Bar

I've always wanted to come to LA just to meet you and give Jude a big hug and embarrass him to death by squealing about how much I LOVE reading about him - what a good boy he is! But now I can come and hold Martin Landau's Oscar, too?

So...when is good for you?

(Does Johnny Depp ever come to visit him? Tell me "yes," even if it's a lie...)


Now, I feel like I missed a whole section of Hollywood even though I was just there less than a year ago. Hmmm, sounds like I need to make another trip down. Jan, want to share a hotel room?


Next time we get out there, it will be summer, we will get to spend more time together and it will be awesome, right?! Jude and Turbo need to hang out together--they can Minecraft and Xbox to their hearts content and Bruiser can bother both of them.

janice adcock

Your neighborhood sounds delightful! We've never had nearly so diverse a neighborhood. And never an academy award winner. My departed aunt lived in Pacific Palisades on the same block a Walter Matthow (msp)

Ginny Marie

Your neighborhood sounds charming! I think it's so neat that you live in a historic area. And you are surrounded by such characters! You already know...I'll be in LA at the end of July. I'll have to email you more details! ;)


sounds like a plan if i'm ever in LA i'll let you know so I can visit your cul de sac; it sounds so lovely! A few years ago at the end of spring we heard someone playing Taps with a horn we thought it was around the corner but it was awful ...and i commented poor parents..well the horn blower practiced and got better then we realized it was actually the old man that has all these political signs on his front lawn and we both said wow does he think America is dying he plays at 8 AM and 10:59 PM everyday...wish Martin Landau was my neighbor....great post enjoy your summer and camp.

Sharon, The Mayor

Your neighborhood sounds like a nice to raise a family. Our town is way to young to have a historic area even though some of the old biddies think their street is history. 1920s is not historic enough!

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