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I love Liz Earle products. If you like the cleanser, give the superskin concentrate a go. I use it for dry skin, hand care, on the dry end of my hair, to give me a pick me up after a stressful day. One drop and seriously addictive.


I'm watching Orange too; I only just started watching the 2nd season, because I need to finish Madmen on Netflix I am so enamored with them over at Madison Ave can't to get season 7 which is on now but I will wait when it is on Netflix....anyway love all picks the Quinoa sounds delish so does the tonic but one question where did you buy the cleanser , is it online of did you get it at a store?
have a great weekend- Marisa


Thanks for the book review. It sounds great and I'm always on the lookout for books with strong character development. Looking forward to reading it!

Sharon, The Mayor

I just added the book to my library want list. Thank you. I am only on the first episode, season two of OITNB. The closing scene in the first episode got me so mad, I had to stop. Guess, I should suck it up and watch the second episode.


Another yummy post. The book sounds like a great read. I think my skin to too far gone for beauty products! Hope you are having a great weekend.

Ginny Marie

Aunt Margaret's Summer Tonic sounds like just the drink I need this summer! :)

Mommy Lisa

I am only on episode three...do not spoil it for me!

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