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Oh wow! I'm sort of glad this didn't come to close to us--Turbo would have been all over it. Next winter he will be getting on a snowboard. They really are fearless, aren't they?

Haley Webb

That is awesome! I use to be a daredevil and then I got older and my mothers fear of all things has all of a sudden been instilled in me. Visiting from Mama Kat's!

Elizabeth Aquino

Holy smokes! I'm sort of glad that I didn't hear about this until after the fact. I can imagine both of my boys wanting to do it --


What a cool opportunity you gave him!


WOW!!!! Great for Jude. Maybe you will not have to sell a good kidney. Check out this article. Cause we have our fingers and toes crossed for Jude!


Middle grandson who will be 10 in July is a snowboarder wanna be. He was glued to the Olympics, too.


That hill is not far from me. I might have shown up to watch if I'd known! You should see how scary steep the street is that Kate Hansen would ride her skate board down! I don't have the nerve to do that kind of activity. How great Jude was able to try it !

mary w.

Why not Muskegon? It's on the shores of gorgeous Lake Michigan, which the junior lifeguard would LOVE, and not far from Chicago. Plus, living costs in Michigan are much lower than New York or Utah!

Ginny Marie

Oh, I don't think I could've watched! I'm afraid of going fast downhill! I'm on my husband's computer, and his speakers have a weird echo effect (not intentionally) so you sounded a little bit like an excited Darth Vader. I love what you said at the end of the video...uh oh!

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

That was awesome! I can't believe that they go around the country recruiting kids like that. I'm sure he will be considered. You may have a future Olympian on your hands!

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