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Ginny Marie

Oh, I love Verdi's Requiem! I sang it in college. What a great tribute! I was going to write some about how even though we don't always agree politically being patriotic is sometime we have in common. But then it was 11 o'clock at night and I needed to write something that didn't require too much thought! ;)


That is truly a wonderful tribute to those who have given for our freedom. We live in a time where people lumps things together that shouldn't be seen that way--like you don't have to support the war, but should respect and support those who are serving our country.


The first of your blog made me ). I cry during the Star Spangled Banner, too. I continued reading and Wow. What an amazing event at your church. Congratulations on the success and your part in it.


Beautiful Tribute... I am all teary eyed !

Sharon, The Mayor

What a beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers. Thank you for contributing your voice and time so others can be moved by the sacrifice others have made on our behalf.

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