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Ginny Marie

This is exactly what happens to me! I've been the Vacation Bible School director for about 7 years now...I think I found someone to take over this year, but I'm still have high anxiety about if the work will get done!


I'm not a volunteer person. My introvert won't let me. I admire those who can and do and appreciate what they do.


I couldn't think of any of those jobs I'd want more than book sale coordinator. Seriously! Out of the list that's it.

Good for you for continuing to volunteer. Jude will remember your commitment with pride later on. I know because my boys told me.

Mara@Weighty Matters

At least you like what you're doing. It would be worse if you hated seeing all those girls with their nickels and those boys with those two dollar bills come through the door to buy books. Although I do get why at the end of the event you just want a massage and a large glass of wine. I would feel exactly the same!

Sharon, The Mayor

Jude and the teachers will long remember your time at the school. I only wish I could volunteer at my oldest school. With two that still nap, volunteering at the elementary school is years away. From one partent to another, thank you!

PS Perfect gift after a long book campaign!

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