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Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

LOL! I tell you what, I agree with you! I REFUSE to go on cholesterol meds. I do take Zantac 150 for my heartburn but I have been doing that most of my life. I should probably have that checked out. I don't trust Big Pharma at all. It is a total money grab. Stay on the diet and exercise path and you should be fine!


LOL...sissy you ain't better person than me, i keep putting off going to the doctor. good luck with the high cholesterol!

Ginny Marie

My husband had high cholesterol, too, and he manages to control it with diet and exercise. He has much better will power than I do, though! I hope you can get off of Lipitor after your next blood test! I agree with you...I'd rather not be on medication if I can help it. But I also want to see you get to 93!!

Jan's Sushi Bar


Stop taking the Lipitor NOW. A great many studies have proven that statin drugs are almost useless for women and not only that, high cholesterol is actually protective in women over 50. The side effects of statins are horrible, too - muscle and liver damage and an increased risk for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

It's not so much what your total cholesterol numbers are, but what your HDL and triglyceride numbers are; if your HDLs are over 40 and your triglycerides are under 150 (under 100 would be even better) it doesn't matter what the total number is - you're doing well.

As for the GERD, yeah - going "nearly vegan" suddenly like that will do it to you. Well-raised animal foods are your friends - if you want to give something up, even short term, give up grains. You'll be able to ditch the Prilosec, too.

Wil Lake

Have you been to a good GI doctor or just your regular doctor? I have battled reflux for years and also have barrett's esophagus and a hiatal hernia. Four years ago the same symptoms happened to me and I thought it was a heart attack. I just found a GI doctor that explained to me that I was having esophagus spasms.


Well, there you go. And one morning you will awake, walk across the floor and feel something different about the way your buttocks and legs feel. Your butt will have fallen. Just giving you a heads up/butts down warning. And best wishes with the diet and exercise. Works for lots of folks.


I've been on old lady drugs since I was 40, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I don't worry about my cholesterol until it gets into the 400s. Blood pressure is a whole other story. I watch that like a hawk. My dad died at 61. I'd like to last longer than he did.

Angelina Costenaro

What an eventful Easter Vigil! Mine was quite tame in comparison.

One of my brothers was able to control his cholesterol with diet and exercise. The other needed meds. Hoping for the former for you!

Sharon, The Mayor

I hope whatever measures you take for cholesterol they work quickly. I had high BP and cholesterol when working at 20. The cause? Lots of butter from eating out. Now, since there is no money for eating out, my cholesterol finally came down under 200.

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