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I'm crying too...I think I was done when you wrote about your son. I am very sorry for your loss they say time heals it may be true maybe what happens with time we fill that void with good memories - cherish what you see and find as a way of her saying hello...

A couple of years ago my Nonna was on my mind so much I would see her in everything and everywhere, I felt her and dreamed of her it was really strong like she wanted me to do something so I taught myself hoe to crochet and felt so right!

Anyway have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!


This Busy Life

What a lovely post in honor of your mother. We have a local jewelry store in our town and I have been in cahoots with the owner when it came to buying special gifts for my daughters.

I love Downton Abbey and Netflix too!


I haven't lost anyone that I like giving gifts to, yet.
My mother is hard to shop for--she's at that age where she has all she needs and buys what she wants. That makes finding a gift for her difficult.


Oh, sweetie, bless your big ole heart. Just makes me want to take you in my arms and let you cry your heart out. But I would be just as likely to be sobbing with you. Then of course we would then need to go buy a Pope on a rope. Wonderful post.

Ginny Marie

You, Mrs. Mann and your Mama, all conspiring together! I love it! My mom treasured the few pieces of jewelry that my dad bought for her. She was over the moon when she had grandchildren, and I wish she was still here to see them grow up. And I think Downton Abbey would be her kind of show, too!

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

This was a very sweet tribute to your Mama. That was a great way of "helping" your father out. I loved this!

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