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Glad to hear you had a great time Disney is awesome we went in February had a great time too. It's priceless seeing the kids faces and reaction; my son laughed and squealed at all the roll coasters he went on. Your son's smile in all your pictures is priceless too.

Wonderful Post


We had a blast with Turbo when he was five. We are really needing to get back there, or go do California Disney so Bruiser can experience the mouse magic at least once.
Looks like a fabulous time was had be all!

Elizabeth Aquino

Even for a Disney-hater like myself, this looks like fun. What a special time you had with your beautiful boy!


Sounds like a great trip! My kids are on the young side for us to get our money's worth, but in a couple years, we're planning to try a trip to DL. I'm sort of "collecting" tips on how to best do Disney and saving them up for that someday!


It truly is the best place in the world!!


I love Disney world! So glad to hear you had a fantastic time. Sometimes a whole lot of pretty and fun fakery is just what the doctor ordered!

lady goo goo gaga

I had to visit the fellow Disney blog on Mama Kat - mine is a touch more jaded....
But I am with you on the magic - we had an amazing time!!

shelly martischewsky

Tell me you saw the lion king show. It's the best thing in animal kingdom. if not, it's totally worth a trip back to do it.

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