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Now I want one too...we usually hang around the house go to the beach on the north shore hanging out all day into the night feels like a man in vacation we were in Disney world at the end of February we had so much fun do all the roll coasters with Jude he will love it. Have fun,

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

While Central New York does have stuff to offer, much of it seems season driven...and is not quite like anything you've pictured! ;)

Ginny Marie

My sister's university played one of her pieces at Disney Hall, and I couldn't make it out there for the concert. It reminds me of the new band shell at Milleneum Park in Chicago. I wonder if they were designed by the same architect? Now I have some research to do!


I got to enjoy a teaser of what touring LA with you could be like and I really want o go try it again. We are west coast bound again, someday.


Any restaurant menu without prices listed is a place I want to become accustomed to visiting.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Those pictures are amazing!! Makes me want to go back to California for a real vacation! Jude is so cute!

Sharon, The Mayor

I need to vist the Disney Hall after your review. I read the drama associated with building it and the architecture wonder the building represents. No columns, not one in the huge structure. Plus, LA has such better weather. One day I will actually make it out there for some fun.


Oooohhh, your staycation sounds delightful. What a handsome fellow that is preparing to eat squid! Have a grand time in Disney World!

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