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Ginny Marie

I've never owned a dog or a cat since my mom wouldn't allow it and my dad thought dogs should be outside. He had a lot of dogs growing up, and one of their favorites, Toto, got into the rat poison my Grandma put out on a piece of bread. So sad!


We will always have an animal of some sort--dog or cat. We are confirmed animal people.
Piper and Tascha used to snuggle together. it's so sweet when dogs and cats get along.

This Busy Life

Wow you have had a lot of dogs in your life. Perhaps a little kitten would be just perfect. Enjoy and good luck softening up Jimmy ;)

Sharon, The Mayor

"Hearts coming out of my head" is so precious. Wow, the power of a family pet.


Love all the photos!!! And the pretty furry family members. And we all had shag carpet in the day. Great post.


I am for sure a cat person! I don't mind small dogs, but the big ones make me nervous.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

I loved this story! We had dogs growing up that were victim of the road. I hated that part. I hated losing my furry babies.

Mara@Weighty Matters

Loved this story. And the phrase 'hearts coming out of my head' is a brilliant one I think I will store away in my head for later use. I could have used that one for my biggest love so far: Wuppie, who sadly passed away six months ago.

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