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Ginny Marie

I can't wait to make my corned beef with some beer on Monday! Sounds so good! I really don't care for stout on its own, though. I also wrote about beer for St. Patrick's Day...we must be on the same wavelength!


I have discovered a new appreciation for stouts. With Nick home brewing, we have made a couple chocolaty, coffee inspired stouts. I have found I really like them.
I love corned beef and cabbage, especially done in the crock pot--comes out so tender and just salty enough.


You are so danged smart!!! I look forward to your take on the weekly subject cause I know I will have a new wrinkle on the brain. may have to do the corned beef thing. And I love a good stout. Thanks for the suggestion! With a World Market within walking distance I make a little visit today : )

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Great list! I love Stout!

Mara@Weighty Matters

I have travelled to Ireland a fair bit, but have never heard of corned beef and cabbage. I know about colcannon though. Made with kale and potatoes and several other things, although I don't think that is eaten around St Patrick's though. Hm. Mystery!

I think U2 is a good band, but they have become a bit too pretentious for my liking in the last few years.

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