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This Busy Life

Enjoy the nice weather you are having. I am rather jealous!

Ginny Marie

I am determined to have a beautiful garden this year! Remember the willow tree we had to cut down? I hope I can plant a butterfly garden in its place, and actually take care of it this summer. (So far, I am not known for my gardening, but my mom was. I want her green thumb!)

Rabia @TheLiebers

I've seen the promos for Resurrection and it looks good. Unfortunately I'm so behind on my other shows I don't think I should start a new one. Maybe I'll be caught up by the time it hits reruns!!


I have a longing for Spring. I will have to content myself with pictures and the occasional warm day until it comes here to stay.


When I think of sping I think lilacs. Spending 7 years in the southwest/east (depending on who you talk to) I missed lilacs. I'm so happy to have moved up north again, for a lot of reasons and the lilacs are one of them. We have three in our yard.


As I was reading the recipe I kept thinking, not a Texas recipe. But it probably fits in with 'keep Austin weird'! Gene is all into Resurrection, too! Our fence in Missouri was covered with wisteria. I keep wondering if it will bloom this year.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Usually by now I see my spring flowers start to come up but I think it's been too cold for that yet. I can't wait until the warmer weather!

Angelina Costenaro

I have given up TV for Lent so I'll have to catch up on those new shows after Easter! They do look good.

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