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Ginny Marie

Every time I see a picture of your mom, I think that you look so much like her! I have a feeling you're very much like her in all the things that you do, too.

I also love reading about Jennifer Salt. The turn that her career made is so inspirational!

Sharon, The Mayor

Just reading about the activities of your mom made me tired. Just think she is not in her 20s and volunteering with energy of a young chick. Truly an amazing woman.

Where I went to grad school Eleanor Roosevelt quotes where on every wall. Most people thought the school was named after her husband until they step inside. My favorite quote is: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Truly inspiring when you think you just failed a final.

Tina Erickson

oh wow! i remember Jennifer; she's cool. And, Eleanor, of course! i would like to honor an amazing woman,my cousin Chrissy. She got pregnant as a teenager, married her teenage sweat-heart and raised 4 awesome kids. She endured hardships and trials; in her early 20s, she lost both of her parents. Believe me her life wasn't easy. Yet, she carried on with grace and dignity. Plus, she has a really fun sense of humor. Chrissy's warmth, compassion, & good-old-fashion-down-to-earth Common Sense and her ability to encourage her family to enjoy a laugh or two daily is the magic that cradles her lovely family. To this day, hanging out with her makes me feel better because we laugh so much--we get the giggles. we don't need $$$ if we have love and laughter, that's what Chrissy has taught me. thanks for the blog,Gretchen. love ya, tina

Tina Erickson

p.s. I always <3 to hear about your wonderful mama. XO

Tina Erickson

oops, not sweat-heart, lol! sweetheart.


Ms. Roosevelt, so dynamic. To have be friends with such a successful reinventer as Ms. Salt is wonderful.
Your Mom was so incredible on so many levels. This shines through in you and your writings.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

That was awesome! I love the ladies that you wrote about and why. So cool! I never knew that about Mrs. Roosevelt. You're Mom was incredible. So wonderful to pay it forward like that!

Angelina Costenaro

Definitely inspiring women! Like you, I really admire women who can handle adversity and come out stronger in the end.

Rabia @TheLiebers

I loved reading about these amazing women! Thanks for sharing them!!


See, Admirable women for what they do, not who they are, ie. Rich and Famous. It was startling to me how may women on inspiration lists are there because they are rich, famous and give to charity. Not sure that's really inspirational.
The women you listed are truly inspiring.

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