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Completely giggling at the snowman's vagina and cat shaming. That just made my morning!!

Happy Birthday!!

Cathy Kenendy

That burger Jude inhaled, at first glance looked like a dessert till I read the description. I don't know, if I would like a sweet & savy mix such as this or not. I would not be unwilling to try it at least once, but when it comes to hamburgers nothing beats a classic cheeseburger, you know? I had to laugh at the senior texting acronyms Happy B-day!

Jan's Sushi Bar

Good heavens, that burger. And to think I was moaning over the bacon-cheeseburger at Five Guys yesterday (it's literally been YEARS since I've eaten a burger on the bun).

I want to know how that cat got the hamster to stand still while it peed on it.

Have a wonderfully fantabulous birthday, Gretchen - your plans sound great to me!


Happy Birthday, enjoy doing exactly what you want to!
The placement of the "Action Zone" emblem is rather appropriate. It makes the 12 year old in me giggle.


We still haven't seen Frozen; I feel like a bad parent. I'm scared of the action pants; people were weird back then. That burger kind of looks good, to be honest. Though I think I'd end up regretting it.


Well Happy Birthday - to a you a day late ...hope you had a wonderful day...Yes I will be needing to senior texting soon too- glad for posting those- loved your random picks the snow man is hysterical - and that cheese burger OMG - yum! Now can I get those pants for the hubs - LOL!!


Belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was just what you wanted! That pants ad was unbelievable! I've never heard of Umami burgers, but that monte cristo looked good! I see they have a site in Pasadena, so maybe I'll try them one day.


Wow, What an amazing burger! The cats are too funny. I am old enough to remember the Sansbelt pants. Thank goodness I am too old to remember what the snack sack held! So is the snowman transgender?

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