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Ginny Marie

I could totally visualize you using a hot flash to dry your hair! And it looks fabulous! If only I could get rid of my belly fat by driving the kids to school.

Hurray for the Great and Mighty Gretchen! :)

Jan's Sushi Bar

I WAS going to say, "Who knew hot flashes were so powerful?"

Yeah...I do.

I need to crochet you a cape.


I feel exactly like this during parts of my day. A multitasking whirling dervish. If only we could do all that, the days that followed would be so much easier--at least in the kitchen.


I thought we were to write a tall tale. And here you have just told what you did yesterday. Love the post as I visualized you doing all these astounding feats. Well, everything except the naked part. At that point I thought of what would happen if my triple D elongated boobs went into action. I fear I might strangle myself.


You confused me with the naked part, especially when I don't read you getting dressed again!!?? I can see the naked writing, but grocery shopping??? ha ha Storm on!!

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

Wow you are Super Gretchen! I would love to be able to multitask like that! Wow!


I wish it were easier to figure out which parts were fiction.

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