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Ginny Marie

Oh, yes, a writing retreat would be so wonderful! My aunt is renovating an old house in Des Moines, and behind it are some old brick carriage houses. She has been thinking about renovating them into artist retreats. Downtown Des Moines is within walking distance, and it's a charming town! It's not Wales, but I'll let you know if it ever happens. :)


I need an escape from life right now--a chance to run away and have no responsibilities for a while. If a beach is involved, all the better.


Here is the plan. Bring Jude to Texas to meet your roots. I have a grandson the same age. We usually supervise the 3 grandsons the last two weeks of June. Jude gets comfortable with Grant, we entertain and you write. That so sounds like a stalker. Or maybe just a Texas Grandma.

Mara@Weighty Matters

Imagine the world without typewriters or computers and having to write out 1000 words a day, six days a week! The little shed in the back of the garden sounds nice. I have a chicken coop that is not being used, you are quite welcome to use that!

Angelina Costenaro

I have no idea how moms write. I live alone, and even I have to escape to the Starbucks or library when the neighbors get too noisy. In fact, I think I may just take my pile of papers to grade to a Starbucks tomorrow. I've got some gift cards to use up. :)

Sharon, The Mayor

I am impressed you find time to write with all the different hats you wear. I need to beg the hubby to take the kids for one hour just to write a blog post. John Grishman use to ride Amtrack to write his novels. There is no escape on the train. When things were in a time crunch, his publisher booked his travel!

Elizabeth Aquino

I would like to go to Wales with you. I'm sure there would be room. We could meet for meals and late night cocktails.

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