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Love your word and your honesty I want exactly what you want. I truly do, I don't want to write a book but I do want to write on my blogs and money yes lots of money (l wrote that like Goldie Hawn said it on Overboard) so I also picked a word and that is FUN! I will write about it soon...
Have a great day!

Ginny Marie

I think I need to print out my word! That's a great idea! Even though we picked out different words, our goals for 2014 are very similar. I would really like to go to a writing conference or take a class this year.

Jan's Sushi Bar

I didn't participate this week, although the prompt spoke quite loudly to me. My word for the year is "ATTITUDE" because I'm in the process of giving mine a major adjustment. I have a great deal to say about it, but can't in a public venue without making someone near and dear to me quite upset, unfortunately.


That is a great word and great goals. I haven't done anything...literally. What word best describes; "get off your butt and get something done"?


There are times when I could use more laser and less procrastinate. It's just that procrastinate is easier. Must work on motivation too.

Elizabeth Aquino

I love all of this -- particularly your acrostic. I'm still trying to figure out why LUSH is my word of the year. Stay tuned!

And good luck with your writing -- you MUST do it. You are funny, and so, so talented --

Angelina Costenaro

I love that in one sentence you're saying you must spend less time on Tapped Out, and in the next you're asking who wants to be your neighbor on Tapped Out. LOL! Laser, Gretchen, laser! ;)

Printing out your word is a good idea, too. We need these visual reminders. My word (trust) is on an index card on the hutch part of my desk right next to my Divine Mercy holy card with "Jesus, I trust in You." I think that's going to be my mantra for the year.

Kristina Walters

I love that word! I think it is very fitting for what you want to accomplish!

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