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Ginny Marie

I love this, and not just because we picked the same word! ;) We must be on the same wavelength! And oh, does that last part mean you had the stomach flu this week? Several of my students were throwing up this week, and I am praying I don't get sick. I hope you feel better!

This Busy Life

I love the idea of a refresh button for the way I think. I often could use one. How awesome it would be if my thoughts automatically went to the positive rather then the negative. Perhaps with enough practice.....


Keeping it positive is not so easy. Takes some effort, but will produce great results, something I need to remember, especially after Nick cooks or tries to do dishes.
Truly, why can't they put anything away?? In my case, without rearranging for his convenience? Cause, you know, he cooks so often.

Janice Adcock

Love the refresh button idea. Aren't we fortunate to have husbands that will empty the dishwasher. Makes for some fun games of hide and seek.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

That's awesome! I love them all. It's too easy to listen to the "noise". A simple refresh button really does the trick. Don't worry about Jude. My oldest is doing his own laundry now. It only took him until 19 but I still consider it a win!

Angelina Costenaro

I like how you "refreshed" your thoughts. It reminds me of something I learned in my sociolinguistics class during my master's degree. Our world shapes our words , and our words shape our world. For example, the Inuit people have many more words for snow than we have in English. That's because we don't have to deal with snow all year round like they do. Therefore, I don't see as many types of snow as they do. I don't have the vocabulary for it.

In other words, the words that I have shape the way I see my world. Therefore, if I change my words, I can change how I see the world!

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