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Ginny Marie

Rory's Story Cubes looks so fun! I think the girls would love it! Both of them are quite the story tellers!

My sister has been posting fun, sunny pictures of CA on Facebook for me to enjoy. I actually like winter, but it would be nice to be able to go outside without wearing 10 layers of clothing!


We got Rory's Story Cubes for Christmas but haven't plated with them yet. I foresee them going camping this summer.

Kristina Walters

That's a great idea with Rory's Story cubes. I think my boys are too old for it but my nephew isn't. Love the awards!

Janice Adcock

As usual, great post along with pictorial illustrations. So classy! I can see youngest and middle grandsons liking he Rory's Story cubes.

Angelina Costenaro

Your mommy-in-law cracks me up! Priorities! LOL!

Thank God for Downtown and Sherlock! I'm an Anglophile,too. Been to London twice. Love it!

Jude's note to his teacher was perfect! Just the kind of thing we teachers need to hear after a day of saying repeatedly, "What do you mean you didn't know you had homework? It's written on the board, it's written on my teacher blog, it's written on the online homework calendar, and I emailed you all!"

I am jealous of your weather. I just keep repeating to myself, "84 days till Rome! 84 days till Rome!"


I LOVE the story cubes! Reminds me of a game we have called You've Been Sentenced. It's cards that have words on each of its points and the words are worth points. You get 7 cards. You have to make a LOGICAL sentence out of them. It's so much fun. And I just got Chobe one of the Fluxx games (I think Jude would enjoy those too. The rules change as you go and it can be maddening and hilarious). But you know what I love more than either of those things? THE FREAKING 100,000 PYRAMID, THAT'S WHAT!! I am so serious right now.
Also, I miss you. Happy new year.

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