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What no link to your Facebook page ..now that is cruel, LOL! you must start a "Spin Cycle Facebook page or Second Blooming page - Mangia, Mangia... No Talk has one! I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. Right now I am loving Bitstrips have you tried it, its fun!!!! Just search Bitstrip in Facebook create a cartoon of yourself and you can feature a comic strip of yourself...I even Bitstrip my hubby try it you'll like it!
Love your post,


Ginny Marie

Sometimes I'm tempted to turn off that little "boink" but I secretly love it! I do love Facebook for all the reasons you say so beautifully. Yesterday my village told me I could come over any time if my house got too cold! I love that. It was also great fun to see a TBT picture of you and Jimmy. :)


I agree with every single thing here BUT where's your FB link? I like your page, I follow your page, but do you have a person page so I can see your updates? My personal page is Alexandra Rosas, and I hope to see you on FB (b/c I live there)


I agree so many old friends that I've lost contact with are now back in my FB life and I love that we have a connection again! I would love to see the pic you posted for TBT...


I too love FB but since you are one of my 'friends' I think you already know that. lol The hubby, on the other hand, has been berating me about it for years but now I notice that he spends lots of time looking around my page and newsfeed when I leave it open. (not to mention comments to me on lots of stuff.) FB can be good or it can be bad..... I love it. I did have one of my mother in laws friends friend me and I just ignored it and let it linger there for a long time until I saw her one day and she called me on it. OMG..... I just told her the truth. I don't friend everyone and really all the people on my list are actually my friend. There is no one on there that I don't know. I told my MIL's friend that I was sorry and that I didn't friend everyone (thinking this would make her feel better and it is true) and that she was not really my friend but my MIL"S. The reason that I don't wanna friend her besides that fact is that she runs and tells the MIL everything and let's face it....... (and since you are my FB friend you know this to be true..) I AM A WEIRDO and don't want her running back and telling the inlaws all my weird biz............


I have been on Facebook for years--I got introduced to it back when I was in college for the second time. I love it for the fact that I can keep up with far flung friends, like you :)

Jan's Sushi Bar

You just described all the reasons I rabidly heart Facebook myself.

As for those "friends" you wish you hadn't found, you can "unsubscribe" them from your feed without de-friending them. You have no idea how many times I've done that; it was absolutely necessary for my peace of mind.

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

LOL! That too funny! I'm not on Facebook as much I probably should be but my hubby still says I'm a junky. Don't worry, I love it too!

Janice Adcock

I love facebook for all that you stated. Currently I have 11 different categories I in which I have divided friends posts to appear. Foodies is the group for folks that post mostly recipes. Too Political is a group that I visit if I need to get my blood boiling.

Another entertaining post.

Angelina Costenaro

You are so right that Facebook is a vortex. I get sucked in way too often. In fact, I'm trying to avoid looking at it right now because it's time to go to sleep!

The Bug

Ditto ditto ditto - I love FB for all those same reasons. It's been great! Especially for an introvert - I can step away when I need some alone time without hurting anyone's feelings :)

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