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Ginny Marie

See? Look at all those highlights! And I'm one of them? Aw, thanks. I really love being part of The Spin Cycle with you. :)

I also just had to go back and look at your picture of Jude again. How cool that he has found his passion! Plus, we just got 12 inches of snow and the temperature is hovering around 0 degrees. That sunshine on the ocean looks gorgeous!

Angelina Costenaro

How could you think you had no highlights in 2013?

You sang in Carnegie Hall. Fantastic! Years ago, I sang with a choir through my local community college, and I was excited when we got to sing in a local theater instead of a church or the community college multi-purpose cafe-a-gym-atorium!

You were on Modern Family! Sure beats the rinky dink Shakepeare-in-the-park role I had ten years ago. (But hey, I still crossed "Get paid to act" off my bucket list.)

You went to the Emmys! Oh yeah, sounds like you had a boring year. No highlights there. ;)


So happy to be a part of two of your highlights this year. Here's to a new year and many more pool splashes, hot tubs and Louis CK (and Stephen Colbert) moments. The girls are incredibly thankful for Jude's care of Goldie during our travels.

Janice Adcock

What a great year! Carnegie Hall, Modern Family and I seem to remember a burning of female products. How does one top that! Sorry I did not get my list together in time to share. Have been under the weather for several days. I do have a post that might make you a little dizzy.

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