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Terra Heck

It's been a while since I've done RTT too. Wow, the things that people do research on!! And those Santa pictures are way creepy! Happy RTT!

Cathy Kennedy

Nothing surprise me anymore...a poop and pee study of dogs. I for one do not care and don't care what they learn from it. lol Oh boy, those Santas are really, really creepy. If I were a little kid, I would be afraid to sit on Santa's lap. I never got why some kids cry when they see the fat man in the red suit, but maybe they see something creepy that we don't and it's not until their image is captured that it's revealed as to the whys of a child's Santa fears. Poor little kiddies! You're absolutely right - stunning photos! It would be wonderful to photograph difficult people in their native surroundings as this person did. Some of the landscape is amazing, too! I have been out of the RTT groove, too, and just when I get back into things I find out Stacy is going to take a break. lol Oh well...here's hoping you have a blessed 2014!


Very creepy Santas. I have never taken the boys for Santa pictures. Not living near a mall will kind of curtail the opportunities. Can't say it looks like I missed much.
Want to meet up in Utah? That would be about halfway for us. Not that there looks to be much there but fast food.


We could meet up in Redding, CA for a little Thai food.

Jan's Sushi Bar

Hmmm...considering many scientists think that the magnetic poles are switching (which would be a partial explanation of the extremes in weather this year), all the poor doggies aren't gonna know where to poop for awhile.

Janice Adcock

So glad to see your random thoughts for today. The pictures of the tribes are so beautiful unlike the Santas. As for the poop study, Husband could conduct his own study here at the apartment. Our patio door overlooks one of the favorite dog walking areas for the building. Time to make a poop sheet spread sheet.

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

Oh my gosh! I almost feel guilty for all of the times I have stood waiting for the dog to just GO already! Big leap from the creepy santas to the incredible tribe photos!

Kristina Walters

Those tribal pictures were amazing! Thanks for making my skin crawl with those Santas! I will have to watch my dogs now.

Ginny Marie

Before Ed and I got married, we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska on our way back to Chicago from Denver. We ate at a steakhouse, so now I'm wondering if it was Meryl's! There weren't that many choices...


hey, you have a friend in Nebraska, come on out and check out the Huskers. Come during football season for the most fun. gotta try a runza.

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