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Elizabeth Aquino

I agree with you on everything. I did not watch the Grammy's as the last time I did so, I felt like I'd landed on another planet. I do think you're one of the best Grammy reviewers in town, though.

Andrea @ Maybe It's Just Me

I thought Madonna's cane was just admitting how old she has gotten, and why did they drag her out for that? Because she kissed Brittney Spears one year? And yes, why didn't Ringo and Paul do the Photograph song together. And were the people behind Taylor yelling "Down in front!" OK, I am apparently getting older by the second! ;)

Ginny Marie

I kept asking myself when watching Pink, why? Just sing, already! I also thought that Carole King looked so gorgeous; she was much more beautiful than Madonna will ever look!

Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness

I didn't watch it this year. I kind of wish I did now.


I didn't watch. It just doesn't interest me. I watch all the country music award shows, but then I follow country music.


My dear friend, Gretchen. You are complaining about the music the kids are listening to. You are old. Accept this. I was waiting for you to yell at somebody to get off your lawn.

Yes, Taylor Swift should have sat her ass down instead of mugging for the camera. Pink didn't need to the whole trapeze thing, again. And, Beyonce's stripper routine is better suited for a private performance with Jay-Z, instead of in front of my 7-year-old daughter.

But, the Robots are no more ridiculous that KISS or Bowie or Boy George. And Pharrell's hat is the most talked about fashion statement, even considering all of the breasts on display. Plus, I dare anyone to not jam on "Get Lucky."

LL Cool J. Yeah. Enough of him. Madonna? Why?

But Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar. Beyond awesome.

Paul and Ringo? Lame. Oh my God. Sacrilege!

So, I guess I'm old too. Get off my lawn.

Janice Adcock

My dear young blogger friend, Gretchen, (isn't it great to have an old fart blogger following you to see you as young) you are just drawn into the vortex that is Hollywood and entertainment. Love your observations about the whole crazy thing.

Flavia Gaskin

I am giggling aloud at your reflections and your friend Darren's contribution. Perhaps I have spent too many hours writing student narratives on this our second "snow" day in Austin, Texas. Thank you for the comic relief. I do object to your comment about Willie!


Did you miss Downton & Sherlock to waste your time on the Grammy's or did the East Coast West Coast time zone thing make it possible to see both? Because I, too, am old and didn't even bother to turn on the G's this year. Just heard about RT & Chicago mash up and got a little sad. Couldn't begin to watch it! PS...if you haven't seen Sherlock - FANTASTIC!

Sharon, The Mayor

I hear ya on the entire Grammy's thing. Actually, I watched something else because I just don't get it. Madonna looked like she just came from the Boxtox doctor and the cane only added to the weirdness. What is up with Jay Z and Beyonce singing about Tina Turner and domestic abuse? Come on. Ok, stepping off my soap box.

shelly martischewsky

Hey, I really like (liked) Madonna but I agree. Ridiculous. sorry I can't spell. but agree completely. I was thinking all the songs of the year this year are so lame. pining for the days when there was good NEW music on the radio. Where I live all the radio plays is classic 80's. good if it's the 80's. is there ANY good music in the 2000's. Let me know if you find some.


Turned it to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock so I missed much of what you speak of. The only real reason I turned it on at all was because my friend Terry's boyfriend Wayne was up for an award for best Latin Jazz something or other. I missed that part and had to look up whether he won or not. He did not. We (Terry and I) are disappointed. Wayne could care less.


Gretchen - I guess you are right hind-sight is 20/20- there was a lot strange things...I did enjoy Dragons and Kendrick Lamar thought that was pretty awesome,e Carole King looked and sounded amazing but what made me giggle was the Pepsi Half Time Show - the rest well like an old fart (get off my lawn- I like that) I fell asleep on the couch and was told to go to bed....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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